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Lego Movie 2- Review (Hey that rhymes!)

The Lego Movie 2 Run Time: 107 After credits scene: No Release date: 2/8/2019 I didn’t like this movie for one reason: they made fun of Hufflepuffs.   I’m kidding, I actually loved Lego 2! But they did make fun of my house and I was none too pleased. Moving on… …

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Avengers: END GAME – Possible reveals!

Pictures of new armor for key figures in Marvels Avengers: Endgame have appeared online thanks to twitter user @HowlStrange. The images seem to be of Marvel merchandise from overseas, but they give us a few key clues. One of the major clues is that Valkyrie is back, with her absence …

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Glass- Movie Review!

Glass Runtime: 2hr 9 min After Credits Scene: Nope Disclaimer: I highly recommend watching Unbreakable and Split before seeing this one as there is quite a bit of important back story! The third in the Unbreakable series by M. Night Shyamalan, Glass is the connecting movie between three films exploring …

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S.K.O.T.U.S. comic review

Politics. That tends to be a touchy subject these days, because its everywhere from social media to the news, and even our lovely comic books. But what if we had a story that was a departure from walls, budgets and votes… what if we had a story about a serial killer in …

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AEW Wrestling making moves!

Members of the wrestling stable, The Elite (Cody, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, The Villain, and Kenny Omega) have begun to transform the wrestling industry. Fighting for wrestlers to have character creative freedom, cross-promotional events, and more money from merchandise sales. Rumors have swirled for the past four months that …

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