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It’s a very hard task to do a review of Avengers: Endgame and keep it spoiler-free. Difficult, a titanic effort, but necessary. Hence I have the moral obligation to do it. Because that’s what the Avengers would do. I’m not going to discuss the plot, great dialogues or epic moments, …

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The Uncanny Nerf Herder crew spent three unbelievable days at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. We were fortunate enough to win the lotteries to see the Episode IX, Jedi Fallen Order, Galaxies Edge and Vader Immortal panels. We were able to meet the Emperor, Ian McDiarmid, Enfys Nest, Erin Kellyman, and …

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Juicy ENDGAME Theories (no spoilers)

There’s a hot topic in the nerd society: What’s going to happen in Avengers: Endgame? A lot of nerd websites are elaborating their conspiracy theories and I couldn’t be less. Let’s see some of my hypothesis –don’t worry, there’s no spoilers, I haven’t watched the leaked material– so once the movie goes …

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‘The Gifted’ cancelled by FOX

Season 3 of the mutant centered television series will not be happening….  well, not on FOX anyway. Late last night, news broke that FOX would not be renewing The Gifted for its third season, though the Marvel Television created show may (pure speculation at this point) find a home on …

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‘AKIRA’ Live-Action finally in the works!!

  Warner Bros. Pictures has confirmed that they are moving ahead with a live action Akira film after nearly twenty years of talks and false-starts. A huge difference between this time and any previous attempts, are not only the fact that WB has already been worked out a deal with …

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Avengers: ENDGAME snaps box office pre-sale record!

  In a shock to no-one but the most hardcore Marvel hater, the latest installment to the MCU, Avengers: ENDGAME has absolutely obliterated the previous box office record for online presale tickets sold. The previous record holder for most presales in the first 24 hours of release was Star Wars: …

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