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Alita Movie Review!!

Alita: Battle Angel

Runtime: 2hr 22min

After Credits Scene: Nope

Release Date: February 14, 2019

Alita: Battle Angel is based off a futuristic manga series where a seemingly junked cyborg turns out to be an elite warrior who wants to stop corruption and evil.

It seems with the lack of ideas flowing from Hollywood these days, the only thing they can do is remake or alter classic movies and books. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some amazing adaptations of beloved originals, and I want to include Alita among them, but with some caveats.

I think the story is top notch. I love the idea of cybernetically enhanced and normal human beings coexisting with cyborgs. And not just subservient cyborgs, more advanced ones that have their own thoughts and emotions. However, the beginning of the film takes way too long, and doesn’t give you enough to feel that the flow of the film is natural. Character development is at a bare minimum and it is hard to connect to the feelings I believe they were going for. You have to wonder if some of the scenes you needed ended up on the cutting room floor.

The actor’s performances were excellent. I am used to seeing Christoph Waltz playing a specific type of character, so it was nice to see him switch it up here. The CGI for the cyborgs was impressive, and the world they created is also realistic enough to believe it could exist somewhere. The action sequences are a blast to watch, and they are well done. With the lack of substance in the first part of the film, I was worried for the end. But that turned out to be my favorite part.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story but wanted more character building. I do hope it gets the sequel which will hopefully have a bit more depth.

For the action sequences alone, I say check it out at the theater!

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