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Avengers: END GAME – Possible reveals!

Pictures of new armor for key figures in Marvels Avengers: Endgame have appeared online thanks to twitter user @HowlStrange. The images seem to be of Marvel merchandise from overseas, but they give us a few key clues. One of the major clues is that Valkyrie is back, with her absence from Infinity Wars some have been wondering if she would make an appearance. It seems like she will definitely be back, is it too much to hope for an Okoye and Valkyrie teamup?

On top of this we see that Hulk is back and surprisingly in armor this time. After Bruce Banner was forced to hold the spotlight without his green alter ego for most of Infinity Wars many have wondered how long Hulk would be on hiatus. Well he is back and wearing armor that matches some of his fellow heroes and heroines.

Thor, Rocket, Black Widow and Hulk are all sporting matching armor. Not only is this new look something to think about before the movie comes out but shows that our group of heroes aren’t going into this next fight without some serious planning. Is this armor Stark tech, Wakandan, S.H.E.I.L.D. or is it something not from earth? Asgardian maybe. We don’t know yet but we do know that they look great and are definitely getting ready for a serious battle.


So are the Avengers in End Game going to all be wearing some new kick butt team space armor? Sure looks a lot link ANT-MAN’s armor if you asked me…  so maybe our heroes will be adventuring some in the quantum realm?

We’ll have to wait and see-   but it sure looks like it!

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