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HBO picks up ‘Asunda’!!

The fan-favorite indie comic series from the world of Asunda has not only been picked up by HBO- but is already in development as reported in an exclusive article on Deadline.

Set in a shared universe across multiple comics from publication Stranger Comics, creator Sebastian A. Jones will co-write and executive produce the series ASUNDA for HBO along with executive producer Mimi DiTrani.

From the Deadline article- “Asunda is set in the culturally rich but war-torn world of Asunda, where an orphan girl is born of two nations and raised in a small desert town. Hunted by all, she will search for her ancestors and the courage to bind them against an ancient enemy.”

Uncanny Nerd had a chance to chat with Mr. Jones about the world of Asunda and main character Niobe She is Life at New York Comic Con, October 2018:

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