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Captain Marvel- FIRST REVIEW!!

Captain Marvel – Movie Review!!!

Captain Marvel

Runtime: 2hr 4 min

After credit scenes: 2 – stay till the end!!

Release date March 8, 2019

Good evening fellow Uncanny Nerds! I am Mike Harbour your guest movie reviewer for Captain Marvel. First let me thank All-Star Comic Con for the tickets to tonight’s special showing of Captain Marvel, my son Zach Harbour won them as part of a Facebook giveaway. Like any good son he took his father to the show at the Regal in Silver Spring Maryland (mostly so he wouldn’t have to drive and to stay in my good graces).

For those that do not know me, I am an old school comic collector who has collected both Marvel and DC comics for a long time. I am mostly a DC guy but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done something that no other company has ever done, they have made a series of great movies of the last decade and tied the story all together. Simply, you may say that Captain Marvel brings it all together and sets up Avengers: Endgame to be the finale we all hope for.

The movie opens with a GREAT tribute to Stan Lee; I don’t think this is a spoiler but a wonderful tribute to the man who helped bring us these characters and something we all would love. So, I am going to do my best and avoid any type of spoilers. In my opinion, Zach’s opinion, and that of a fully packed theatre, Captain Marvel pulled it off.  Those who thought that Brie Larson may have been a weak choice are wrong in my opinion. They set her up as a bad ass super hero from the start and she pulls it off. The movie has its typical origin type story but I think we all knew that. It builds throughout the movie with Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Kree Supreme Intelligence and other characters interacting with Captain Marvel to flush out the plot of the movie and to show the strength of her character. Any further comments would give up details of the movie.

The movie has some great action sequences, special effects showing the Kree world of Hela and the uniqueness of the Skrulls (one of my all-time favorite villains.) In my humble opinion this movies ties up loose ends, sets up Endgame and establishes Captain Marvel as a strong character that would help the Avengers take out Thanos.  I would like to see an additional stand-alone movie with Captain Marvel in the future and this movie sets that up as well.

The post credit scenes cap it out perfectly and leave you ready for the next chapter.  I highly recommend this movie and will be seeing it again to catch all the nuances that I may have missed the first time. I can’t wait till my friend’s see this and we can geek out together.

You need to see the movie meow…….. ( Goose the cat does steal the movie!!!)

By Mike Harbour


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