Tuesday , April 23 2019
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Juicy ENDGAME Theories (no spoilers)

There’s a hot topic in the nerd society: What’s going to happen in Avengers: Endgame? A lot of nerd websites are elaborating their conspiracy theories and I couldn’t be less. Let’s see some of my hypothesis –don’t worry, there’s no spoilers, I haven’t watched the leaked material– so once the movie goes …

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New Star Wars Live Action Series Announced and a Star Wars fans Character Series Request

Disney CEO and Chairman Uncle Bob Iger recently announced two Star Wars live action series for Disney’s new streaming service Disney+. Diego Luna will reprise the role of Cassian Andor during the early days of the Rebellion. The Andor series will be a spy thriller set in the Star Wars …

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The Fantasy Network Launches!

Uncanny Nerd is about the tribe. Here, we can celebrate our geekdom. We celebrate our culture. We celebrate who we are. We are all Creators; from the one that pens the words, to the one that creates the magic, to the viewer and the reader that give it life. Storytelling …

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To Binge or Not to Binge

by Susan Quilty, author of The Insistence of Memory In some ways, we’re living in a golden era of TV watching. We can DVR shows to watch at our convenience, stream from an incredible range of sources, and binge our way through whole seasons at whatever pace we choose. (Yes, …

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Uncanny Nerd’s MCU Ranking

by Mike Slade,  Founder of Uncanny Nerd Uncanny Nerd- MCU Ranking So Avengers: Infinity War has come and gone now. We’ve had time to absorb it, and the inevitable question we must face is where to place it on the list of Best MCU movies. First off- there’s no need …

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