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Disney+ just became essential

The Disney+ Streaming Service is set to launch later in 2019, and as reported by Polygon just today, Disney CEO Bob Iger promises to deliver the goods.

The entire Disney motion picture library will be accessible via the streaming service.


That’s all 57 Disney Animation films beginning with Snow White all the way through their most current release.
More than that, Iger says that, “All of the films that we’re releasing this year, [starting] with Captain Marvel, will also be on the service.”

Disney+ will also be the home of original programing, much like Netflix and Amazon prime, with already announced Star Wars and Marvel series in the works, including a LOKI series staring Tom Hiddleston. Speculation is though, that unlike the competition, Disney+ will not include any R-rated or “mature” content.

So…  just so the entire Uncanny Community is clear here..

The MCU film library…
The Star Wars film library…

original programming from each of those…

AND every single Disney feature film…  ever.

Holy piss guys. Disney is creating a monster.


by Mike Slade, founder of Uncanny Nerd

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  1. Peter D. Quilty

    I know. Sigh. I hate having to pay for ANOTHER streaming service, but this one might be necessary.

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