Thursday , July 18 2019
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Disney raises bid for FOX to $71.3BILLION!!

by Mike Slade, Founder of Uncanny Nerd


In December, Disney made an offer to Twenty-First Century Fox for a collection of their assets, which would include Marvel’s X-Men and Fantastic Four rights, along with other properties such as the Alien franchise for $52.4Billion in stock.
Comcast decided to play in the game as well and last week put in their own offer to 21st Century for $65Billion in cash.  Yes…  CASH.
Well the house that Walt built isn’t about to lose out on their chance to reunite the full gamut of Marvel properties and just this morning submitted amended paperwork, raising their bid to a staggering $71.3Billion in cash and stock.
Rumor has it that Fox has already stated their intention to accept Disney’s offer, which would be a dream come true for the majority of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

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