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How To Train Your Dragon 3- Review!!

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Runtime: 1hr 44min

After Credits Scene: No

Release date: February 22, 2019

Anyone who knows me, knows how absolutely in love with the HTTYD movies I am. Toothless was tattooed to my leg years ago, and my Light Fury is already outlined on my other. I was tagged by three different people in the Build-A-Bear announcement for the two dragons. I have several stuffed animals, PoPs, clothing, and artworks around my home and office. I. Am. Obsessed.

When I found out that the third installment was going to be the final, I was a little heartbroken. I did not want this to end, this amazing world where creatures from myths and legends actually exist, and we get to live alongside them. It doesn’t matter that it is animated, I love to escape to this world.


But what a fantastic way to bring this amazing story to a close! The storyline tends to match the release dates (meaning this film takes place five years after the second which came out in 2014). Burke has evolved into a haven for dragons, but with that comes a new threat that will drive Hiccup and his gang to fight and make some tough decisions.


There was not a single time my attention was diverted from this film. I was completely enthralled. The writing of this story is spectacular. Seeing the adult versions of the kids we were originally introduced to is epic. They are all as dysfunctional as they were from the start, but somehow manage to pull through together. All surviving members of the main adult cast are back as well, helping the next generation evolve into the leaders they will eventually be.  They don’t introduce too many new dragons, but the ones they do are stunning, or hysterical, or both, you decide when you see it. Because yes, I am absolutely recommending that everyone who is familiar with this franchise go and see this one in the theater. You will laugh and you will cry (if you do that sort of thing, I do, no shame). But if you liked the first two, you will not be disappointed in the third.

By Marisa Lalapalooza

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