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Dumbo Movie Review!

Run Time: 1 hour 52 minutes

After Credits Scene: No

Tis the year of Disney remakes! The first one for the year comes in the shape of a little pachyderm with large ears. I went into this film with no expectations. The previews were tasty little nibbles, but we all learn to not read too much into the trailers anymore. Everyone around me sounded relatively unimpressed but I was determined to give this retelling a shot! I am also a huge fan of Tim Burton, so that helped persuade me.

Dumbo, the 1941 animated version was not one of my favorite Disney films, I didn’t dislike it, I just don’t remember much about it. However, I will not soon forget about this adorable version of the tiny elephant who can fly.

From what I do remember of the original, the introduction to Dumbo is fairly the same. He comes into the world with abnormally large ears, and the humans scoff at him, labeling him a freak. But once they see his remarkable ability, they realize they can make money off him. Humans suck!

The interactions between the computerized elephant and the humans is seamless. The actors did a really great job coexisting on screen with what I am sure was a ridiculous puppet or actor covered in sensors. Although Michael Keaton did feel a little over the top a couple of times, even for a Disney movie. I was a little surprised about how much of the film was computerized. There were a few parts that seemed as if they would have been easier and cheaper to have a prop or actual set for. Overall though, the world they created was believable and beautiful.

The music is clearly Danny Elfman work. He really knows how to incorporate the emotions from the film into the background music. I found myself tearing up at more than one point during the movie with the help of some well-timed crescendos!

If you like cutesy Disney, or you’re looking for something to do with the kids, then I recommend checking out Dumbo at the theater!


Written by Marisa Frostedbutterbeer

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  1. Burton’s depiction of Vandevere’s Dreamland what spectacular with just the right amount of his twisted dark side. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the original movie so I thoroughly enjoy this one.