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It’s a very hard task to do a review of Avengers: Endgame and keep it spoiler-free. Difficult, a titanic effort, but necessary. Hence I have the moral obligation to do it. Because that’s what the Avengers would do.

I’m not going to discuss the plot, great dialogues or epic moments, just how staggered this marvel –no pun intended– has left me. It may not be the best MCU movie –the shadow of Winter Soldier is long and darkens any other action movie a human mind could conceive– but it’s undoubtedly the most tremendous.

We’re talking about the final chapter of the first “TV show narrated in movie theaters”, to put it one way. A river-story lasting 11 years and 22 movies, its “season finale” had to be up to it and give us fireworks and emotions generously. And I promise you it does. Maybe it’s not as good as Infinity War, or maybe it’s just that the previous one caught us by surprise and for this new one we were already expecting the epicness and it didn’t shock us that much. If you remember Guardians of the Galaxy, I know a lot of people who say the second part is not as good as the first one, but I strongly disagree: the second part is much more emotional and perfect as a movie, but the first one caught most of the audience by surprise –a superhero movie with humor and 70s music! Surprise!– and with the second part we were already expecting it and the surprise element had disappeared. I guess the same happened to me with Endgame: it’s not that Infinity War was better, it’s just that one year ago we were shocked by its legendary level of epicness, but now we were already prepared for the sequel.

The direction is impeccable, simply perfect –we’re talking about the Russos after all, when have they done something wrong?– and all of the visuals are beyond the levels of genius we could imagine. I take off my hat before the concept artists and the general planning.

Alan Silvestri is still a god among insects and to me the soundtrack of the Avengers saga has already surpassed those of Danny Elfman’s Batman or John Williams’ Superman as regards how unforgettable it is.

I’ve already said that it might not be the best MCU movie, but it’s with no doubt the most emotional. My favorite thing about Endgame is that the great protagonist is the sensitive aspect of the story. The impact of every event in the lives of the characters is the main factor of this film, the pillar that supports everything, more than action or plot twists –though there’s a lot of those, too. I recommend that you get a big box of disposable tissues or at least get ready to blow your nose with an old jacket you’re not especially attached to. And don’t wear contact lenses. I repeat: Don’t. Wear. Contact. Lenses.

One must also learn to find the negative aspects of a movie, no matter how much we enjoyed it. And in this case, as in any other, it also has its flaws. The film establishes very effective parallelisms with its predecessor and it mostly works great, creating the sensation of a very interesting “rhymed” answer, similar to when a guitar repeats the voice melody in a blues song and creates a beautiful artistic symmetry. But occasionally it can be a little repetitive, to the point where there’s a certain scene which is just the spitting image of another one from Infinity War and, not providing anything new, it turns out to be forced, foreseeable and unnecessary. Another problem is the huge amount of characters, resulting in some of them barely appearing punctually and not having the prominence they deserved. This causes a sensation of wasting some juicy possibilities.

Luckily, these flaws don’t spoil the work, they just put it a little away from perfection. Maybe due to these minor problems I give it rating of 8.5 instead of 10, but it’s still amongst the top MCU movies and obviously lightyears over any other superhero franchise. It perfectly achieves what I was expecting to find and even more. I’ll tell you just like that: I’ve gone there to watch a movie about a raccoon shooting guns and I’ve watched a movie about a raccoon shooting guns, so I feel satisfied.

Surprising plot twists, hilarious jokes, weepy moments, spectacular action scenes, superheroes doing cool poses and letting out awesome one-liners, pure fan service, some specific situations and visual details that every good fan of lifelong comics will appreciate… it has everything that we could have asked from a Marvel movie. And even some moments that will undoubtedly be engraved forever in the collective memory, same level as some legendary MCU scenes, such as the beating of Loki at the end of Avengers, the match between Thor and Hulk in Ragnarok, the elevator fight in Winter Soldier, Star-Lord’s stupid dance or Thor arriving to Wakanda, to call-back only some of the most remembered scenes.

As the definitive closing of a saga, it’s spotless and sets a very, very high bar. I just hope some other mainstream sagas that are about to come to an end, such as Game of Thrones or Supernatural, can be up to it in their emotional conclusions. Thanks for so much, Kevin Feige. Thanks for giving us your all, Russo Brothers. The Marvelite fandom kneels before you.


by Jöse Sénder, Uncanny Nerd

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