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Juicy ENDGAME Theories (no spoilers)

There’s a hot topic in the nerd society: What’s going to happen in Avengers: Endgame? A lot of nerd websites are elaborating their conspiracy theories and I couldn’t be less. Let’s see some of my hypothesis –don’t worry, there’s no spoilers, I haven’t watched the leaked material– so once the movie goes out and we all go nuts, I can say “I told you so! I’m a prophet!” then someone erects a church in my name or at least Chris Evans signs me an autograph.


I have the hunch –though I really wish I’m wrong with this one– that Captain America and Iron Man are not gonna make it through this one. They are the two big classic icons of the MCU. If not both, at least one of them is probably going to die. And I wish it’s not, but the most probable is that it’s Steve Rogers. We fans have been waiting since Avengers(2012) for the Cap to shout “Avengers assemble” at some point. In Age of Ultron (2015), Whedon gave us a coitus interruptuscutting the sentence in the middle to enter the final credits. But this time, I bet if Captain America dies –something I’m not emotionally ready for-he’ll shout a last epic AVENGERS ASSEMBLE right before his glorious fall.

Some of them we can almost assure are going to survive: Bucky and the Falcon have a confirmed series for Disney +, as Hawkeye is gonna share a series with his successor Kate Bishop. Disney is talking with Mark Ruffalo about a possible series on Hulk and She-Hulk –oh God, let it be true-, so almost sure these four will make it alive. We could say the same about the Black Widowsolo movie confirmed, where she will face one of my favorite villains, Taskmaster– and Thoraccording to Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi is talking with Disney about directing Thor 4. But you never know, Widow’s movie could be a prequel and Thor 4 could be about anyone else who have carried the hammer –Jane Foster, Eric Masters, that goddamn frog, Groot or, may holy Claremont want it, Beta Ray Bill-, so there’s nothing sure about these two.



The Russo brothers have insisted a lot about how we have no idea what’s gonna happen in the movie, that everything we’ve seen in the trailers is only from the first 15 minutes, and that after that we’ll see certain surprising charactersthat they didn’t want to show us. Who could they be talking about? Some possibilities:

  • X-Men. Disney finally owns Fox and it’s a matter of time they include mutants in the MCU. What better time to do that than a movie about stones that can mess with reality, time and the very fabric of the universe? Give us at least a small Deadpool or Wolverine cameo. What if Dark Phoenix is the key to defeat Thanos?
  • Fantastic Four.Another mistreated property of Fox and Konstantin Films has finally gone to Disney and now that we have the Skrulls, it’s time for their archenemy Reed Richards to join the MCU. If they added Hank Pym or Carol Danvers through retro-continuity, why not doing the same with the First Family? It would also be a way to introduce the man who could become MCU’s new Loki: Doctor Doom.
  • Defenders. Not the original comics Defenders –Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor and Silver Surfer– but the ones from Netflix –Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Their shows have been suddenly cancelled, even the ones who were doing great thanks to their ratings and having every Buffy writer working on them. Yes, the idea was probably taking them to Disney +, but… what if before that they do an appearance in Avengers Endgame to help Cap and his pals fighting Thanos?
  • Coulson. Seriously, Phil J. Coulson, proclaimed by the Kree as “Earth’s mightiest hero” (Agents of SHIELD season 5) is an Avenger by full right since the first movie and one of the most beloved fan favorites. Since season 2, his show became the neuralgic center of everything that happens in the MCU, foreshadowing Winter Soldier, introducing the Kree and the Inhumans, etc. it would be about time that the world’s best secret agent rejoins his Avenger friends and lets them know he’s alive –so far, only Lady Sif knows. Besides, he has or has had among his crew some essential characters for the Avengers comic history, such as QuakeDaisy Johnson– or MockingbirdBobbi Morse. Coulson has no powers, but he didn’t need them to fight the Hive, the Absorbing Man or even Graviton. It wouldn’t be so weird if he appears by surprise and it’s him who says “Avengers assemble” instead of Cap –he’s the only one we’d allow him to do it without angry riots in the streets all over the world.
  • New Avengers. We have to consider that after 11 years of MCU, it’s highly probable they take out the old protagonists and introduce a new generation of heroes. T’Challah, Carol Danvers and Spidey are gonna stay for sure, but someone will have to play along with them and they could introduce their new partners here. Moonknight, whose movie was rumored for a while? Wonder Man, who was gonna be played by Nathan Fillion in Guardians 2 but he was cut out of it? She-Hulk, GOD PLEASE?Mockingbird, taken from Agents of SHIELD? Moondragon, daughter of Drax and founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy? Stature, Scott Lang’s daughter? Adam Warlock? The real Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau? Buckyin Captain America’s custome? Starfox, brother of Thanos so pretty logical that he would appear to lend a hand? Squirrel Girl? Howard the Duck?



Some pretty cool possibilities:

  • They get the unexpected help of a mysterious powerful ally who ends up being the next great MCU villain: Kang the Conquerorafter all, he can timetravel-, Galactushe has defeated Thanos at some point-, Annihilusthe only one powerful enough to make the Mad Titan tremble-, Apocalypsebut in a cool way, unlike the Fox version-, the Beyonder80s Secret Wars’ big bad.
  • Professor Xavier mentally controls him so Danvers and Jean Grey can beat the hell out of him.
  • Drax or Gamora stab him as it always should have been.
  • Nebula sacrifices herself to kill him and redeem form her crimes.
  • No more Titans. Scarlett Witch unleashed.
  • Carol Danvers simply beats him to a pulp. After all, Thanos’ archenemy in the comics was always Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, who was more than enough to punch the Titan into subjugation, so… why wouldn’t Carol be able to do the same?
  • They use the Infinity Stones to summon all incarnations of Captain Marvel from alternate realities, which could form theInfinity Watch including Carol, Monica Rambeau, Mar-Vell, Genis-Vell, Noh-Varr and the coolest one: Phyla-Vell, just in time to be included in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after it.
  • MY FAVORITE IDEA: They use the Infinity Stones to summon a crowd of superheroes from different universes and beat the hell out of Thanos all together: the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Howard the Duck –sorry, I just need him to be in every single movie-, Inhumans, Runaways, Cloak & Dagger, The Gifted, Legion… Captain America wears the Infinity Gauntlet to summon them as he throws an epic speech about how every superhero of every universe is in fact an Avenger and after shouting out loud “Avengers assemble” he dies consumed by the Stones energy, then meets in the afterlife with Peggy Carter in a heartbreaking scene. We all cry a lot.



  • HEROES REBORN.As happened in the famous 90s saga, after being annihilated by the villain Onslaught –an evil merge of Magneto and Xavier– the heroes seem to be dead, but they are actually hidden in a pocket universe created by the most powerful mutant ever, Franklin Richards. It would be an awesome way of introducing the F4 in the MCU.
  • MY CRAZIEST THEORY SO FAR.Ok, hold your beer. What if we’ve seen it reversed? What if all the characters we saw turn to dust at the end of Infinity War… are actually the ones who survived the snap? The scene was seen from the point of view of the Captain, Widow and the others who didn’t die, but… what if it’s them who actually died and were thrown to the Soul Stone universe, while the ones we saw turn to dust are in reality the ones who got spared and now they are out there still fighting Thanos? “It was the only way”, Strange said before he… disappeared? Or watching Tony disappear while he kept fighting alongside Spider-Man and the Guardians? That would explain why the superheroes we allegedly saw “die” are the only ones who have confirmed sequelsSpider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy. 
  • STAN LEE. The Man’s last post-mortem cameo could be more epic than all the previous ones. He could appear to the heroes as the Beyonder or even come to congratulate them for the victory as Eternity or Infinity, the two supreme Gods of the Marvel Universe, who were in fact inspired upon Stan himself and Jack Kirby. However, I foresee rivers of tears with his appearance.
  • NO THANOS. He won, his story is over. In this movie maybe they don’t have to defeat Thanos because he’s already retired and doesn’t give a single f*ck about anything. Maybe they just have to try and reverse all the damage he made while a new great villain who has nothing to do with it –Doc Doom, Kang, Annihilus, Magus– tries to prevent them from doing it.
  • NEXT MACRO-SAGA. If the plot that lasted 22 movies is finally coming to an end, it’s to be expected that another one as big as this is about to begin, another cosmic event for the next twenty movies. Why don’t start to set it out in Endgame and give the first rough outlines? My bet is on ANNIHILATION, where Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone, breaks into our universe willing to end all life and conquer it with his devouring horde. As a cosmic villain who is over Thanos, it can only be him, Kang or Galactus. And if my theory about Captain America using the Gauntlet to open portals to other universes becomes true, that could be the perfect excuse to break the barrier that keeps the MCU away from the Negative Zone so Annihilus can break in. it would also be another good excuse so the Fantastic Four can come in –“oh yes, we are legendary superheroes from your same universe, but we did kind of a mess and have been trapped for 20 years in that other dimension, I guess Nick Fury forgot to tell you about us”.
  • Tony Stark finally makes a Sherlock Holmes joke to Doctor Strange. Jude Law and Martin Freeman join the nerd party.
  • The Russos include a cameo related to Community or Arrested Development as they do in all their movies –Abed in Winter Soldier, the stair-car in Civil War, Tobias Funke in Infinity War. This time they could show Chang from Community and call him CHANG THE CONQUEROR. Or something, IDK.
  • Peggy Carter comes back and bitch-slaps Thanos for being an asshole.


Actually, the most awesome thing that could happen would be if the absurd massive internet trolling became true and Ant-Manwent into Thanos’ ass to make him explode. But we all know Doctor Strange would never allow him to do something as gross and unbritishas that.

We’ll see what happens, until then just remember Steve Rogers’ wise words: “ONCE AN AVENGER, FOREVER AN AVENGER”.

‘Nuff said!


Article by Jöse Sénder (admin Madrox), regular nerd.

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