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I read it, you should too! The Music of Mars- review

I read it, you should too,

The Music of Mars by George G. Moore. In his debut novel Moore leads us on a journey into a future where we have populated the planet Mars. Which features a research lab called MarsVantage which splinter company of the Earth based Interplanetary. MarsVantage was created after an unfortunate airlock accident which Interplantary CEO Peter Konklin has never gotten over, not the fact that people were hurt but the fact that the government made him split his company with MarsVantage CEO Chuck O’Donnell.

Chuck runs the Mars based company with the help of his truest friend Frank, who has never been to planet Earth, after digging through his father’s research Frank finds that he needs an archeologist to help him decipher ancient Martian symbols along the walls of the planets caverns. The only problem is all of the best people for the job are on Planet Earth. Frank knows that the people he really wants he can’t get so he enlist the help of the super secretive Knowledge Keepers, who may or may not have gotten him access to the Earth’s all-inclusive Human Resources Network. Frank choses Gretchen Blake, an archeologist that has been black balled in the industry and has recently had her husband decide to nullify their marriage (unbeknownst to Frank). Gretchen has no other choice but to take this remote job, even though she has never seen a spacesuit let alone go to space.

During our trip to outer space with these characters, Moore gives us all of the highs, lows, love, loss, anger and betrayal, the we have all come to know in our dystopian novels, but what kept me reading is the mystery of Marisum121. Although the element is introduce very early in the novel, much of the power is yet to be known by the worlds at large. Frank has been trying to find ways to mine the precious mineral for years but has failed, and fears of destroying it in the process.

After bringing Gretchen in we see a spot of hope in not only retrieving the Marsium121 but also in saving MarsVantage and telling Peter Konklin to shove a crystal up his nose. As we all know nothing in life is ever that easy, there is a spy amongst the Martian crew and no one can nail down who it is, and since Frank can only trust Chuck and those closest to him it stall progress on the expedition.

While all Gretchen wants to do is collect a paycheck to avoid living in poorly maintained public housing due to her uncoupling from her husband, she ends up in the middle of something much larger than just what the Marsium121 can provide. As Gretchen explores the Martian caverns she is faced with more questions than answers, not only in what she finds but in what she will do with her life when the expedition inevitably draws to a close.

Do the markings on the wall mean that there once was intelligent life on Mars?

Who is the Caretaker?

Will the discovery of Marsium121 and its uses save MarsVantage?

Will Gretchen stay on Mars and see what the planet truly has to offer?

Will Peter ever stop being a whiny baby because he lost part of his company?


You’ll have to travel to the planet Mars and listen to the Music to find the answers, get your copy of The Music of Mars in paperback or digital by visiting,

Read a sample of the book here,

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