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Lego Movie 2- Review (Hey that rhymes!)

The Lego Movie 2

Run Time: 107

After credits scene: No

Release date: 2/8/2019

I didn’t like this movie for one reason: they made fun of Hufflepuffs.


I’m kidding, I actually loved Lego 2! But they did make fun of my house and I was none too pleased. Moving on…

The Lego Movie 2 is an incredible follow up to the 2014 hit. Five years after the first film, all the main characters return to travel to a different world and fight new foes. Emmett is separated from his super strong lady, Lucy, and must adapt to this new threat in order to save her and his world from suffering a terrible fate.

They bring back the kids from the original film, breaking up the fantastical Lego world story with more reality than the first one. I feel that this is a major plus for this film, as one of the major lessons within the story takes place in the real world, and anyone with siblings can relate to it while kids will hopefully learn from it (although I’m sure the parents in the room know that probably won’t happen).

The best way I can describe this movie is fun. The creators once again do an amazing job of lacing a film containing important life lessons with a bunch of ridiculous humor. Even the “darker” part of the story will make you laugh.

It would be a wonderful “family matinee- day out” film. I highly recommend seeing this in the theater!

by Marisa Chillybutt, Head Movie Nerd

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