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Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years- book review

When I got my advanced preview copy of the Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years hardcover book, I wasn’t expecting much to be honest,
Yes, I love the Marvel movies.
Yes, I will gladly overpay to sit in IMAX on opening day for any of them.

But I don’t need a book to tell me all these things I already know about the movies.  I’m a freaking MCU Trivia God!  Why do I need a book?

Well, luckily I actually looked through this thing and let me tell you…  HOLY SWEET BABY THOR in a manger is this nice. So yes, I’m so happy, because I did NEED this book!

First off the details:
This official Marvel book is being published by Titan Comics out of London. It’s 144 pages of hardcover nerd glory that in my humble professional opinion is a steal for the price and will be available on November 20, 2018, though you can preorder it through Amazon right now for the oddly specific price of $22.49 (currency conversion FTW). The book will also be available starting on the 20th at traditional bookstores, as well as your local comic shop!


Now getting into the book-   when I say it’s a guide to the first 10 years of Marvel Movies, I mean that in the deepest in-depth sense. Unfortunately, these are the only images I’m allowed to share from the book at the moment, but there are some super, SUPER cool things in here.

There’s Stan Lee stuff, interviews with actors, producers, directors..  there are details of the easter eggs in each movies and the end credits scenes, and character bios and just- seriously freaking everything.

There are awesome, and I mean super awesome that even I have never seen before behind the scenes images from filming each of the 8,042 (slight exaggeration) Marvel movies from the last 10 years.  Really though, to me, this book is about those interviews.  I’m a sucker for well-done interviews.

One of the coolest splash pages to me is this timeline that appears towards the front.
Once this book is published, I’m sure you will see it everywhere and it will become THE standard for MCU timeline reference as it actually contains everything from “Before Recorded History” – to the events of Avengers 3: Infinity War.

This book drops right before the holidays, and I couldn’t think of a better gift for the MCU Super Fan in your life.  Like I said, I was skeptical about what this book could actually offer me, but man, it’s no joke.  This book goes above and beyond.

Highly recommended.

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