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Ralph Breaks the Internet!! – Review!

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Wreck-It Ralph was perfectly nostalgic. For the movie’s run time we lived in an arcade game or 2, or 3. However, Ralph Breaks the Internet brings us back into the modern world, seamlessly blending three huge industries: video games, the internet and movies. The first film was absolutely a blast to watch, and the second one is no different. In fact, I’d say this one is more so.
Ralph Breaks the Internet starts off back in the arcade where we left those old machines. Ralph and Vanellope are best friends, living their normal video game lives. But some mischief and a wifi router later, our main characters have made their way onto the world wide web.
Like the internet, there is so much content in this movie. I love all of the new characters that are introduced. There are some that don’t play a huge role but are still hilariously unforgettable (although I forgot my favorite one’s name already. But he doesn’t need one, without saying a word, he speaks volumes). And quite a few are voiced by some big names. I have to say, the Disney princesses are absolutely some of the best parts about this movie, they are perfectly integrated into the story. I know the trailer gave away a good portion, but not all of their screen time. Thankfully there’s a little bit more.
The way Disney brought the electronic world to life is enthralling. We all know there is a lot on the internet, but we’ve watched it grow into what it is. Ralph and Vanellope are thrust into this vast, untamed cornucopia of the web, and the creators really developed it into it’s own city-scape. It is beautifully rendered and with a fantastic story to go with it, this film really is a complete package.
I have nothing negative to say. Ralph Breaks the Internet was a wonderfully fun and hilarious start to the holiday movie season. Go see this in the theater! And stay until the very end of the credits! I know it’s long, but please stay. Marisa sent you, remember that.

by Marisa Winterbottom, Uncanny Concubine to the Stars

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