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S.K.O.T.U.S. comic review

Politics. That tends to be a touchy subject these days, because its everywhere from social media to the news, and even our lovely comic books. But what if we had a story that was a departure from walls, budgets and votes… what if we had a story about a serial killer in the White House?
That’s what we have in the first issue of “S.K.O.T.U.S” by Rob Wolinsky. We think of Presidents as leaders, commanders, and representatives, but do we really know what they do when the Oval Office doors are shut? That’s what Rob gives us, with a glimpse of in his story. In “S.K.O.T.U.S.” we see the President dealing with some issues stemming from his “extracurricular activities,” and how he handles them.


The art from Nico Arcuti has a very noir, classic feel to it, which I think lends to the tone of the story. I also enjoyed the mood shift as the President begins his “after hours” activities. He even joyfully sings a song, which solidifies him as certifiably insane, in my opinion. But, if you’re gonna be the leader of the free world and you choose to be a serial killer, you’d have to be insane. I give this my seal of approval, and I look forward to seeing more from the story in future issues.
Find S.K.O.T.U.S. only on Kickstarter beginning February 18th.

Review by: Randall Chapman

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