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SDCC 2018 – RECAP!

By Nishelle, nerd

Missed out on San Diego Comic Con 2018? I did too! But it’s ok because I have google, I’ve done all of the hard work and it’s time for you to reap the benefits of my tireless and selfless searching. So sit back and read about the hottest movies, tv, comics and books packed into a neat and tidy place. Let’s jump in and see what costumes we’ll see on the cosplay circuit next season!

-Shazam: Spring 2019, Zachary Levi brings to life this quirky, childish, super hero that will bring
lighthearted fun to the normally dark DC Universe.

-Aquaman: December 2018, Jason Moma finally joins the super hero world and he couldn’t have chosen
a better character, diving into the story of Aquaman and making sure that this sometimes forgotten
hero is heard.

-Titans: Oh how the Teen Titans have grown into young brooding badasses, who trade their bright flashy
colors for the dark muted tones that we have grown to know and love from the DC Universe.

-Godzilla-King of Monsters: May 2019, Another Godzilla movie, this is one of the longest running movie
franchises of all time, it has spanned continents and although some have been terrible, this movie looks
to be bringing back the Godzilla we know and love.

Fantastic Beasts- The Crimes of Grindelwald: November 16 2018, the second installment of this prequel
series, takes us back to the beginning again. We get to see how Grindelwald fell so far and became so
dark, and how Newt Scamander was chosen to be the beast wrangler.

Glass: January 2019 M. Night Shymalan pulls together his favorite characters from Unbreakable and
Split, to create a new kind of superhero movie. This movie pushes us to ask ourselves if our broken
really broken or are they something more?

-The Purge TV Series: USA Network September 2018- If you like the Purge movies then this may be right
up your alley or you could be as done with it as a lot of other people are. In this series we’ll see who
really benefits from the purge and who just survives.

-The Walking Dead Season 9: AMC October 9 2018-This show is still alive and kicking unlike the vast
majority of extras you’ll see on screen, this season we get to see what life has been like for our leading
characters since making it to Sanctuary and what the heck to do with Negan.

-Doctor Who Season 11: BBC America Ladies?! WE GOT A FEMALE DOCTOR!!!

-Night Flyers: SyFy Fall 2018 This sci-fi drama brings out the major creep factor, and we are here for it! George R.R. Martin trades his dragons in for this high suspense alien-esque thriller.

-Disenchanment: Netflix August 17 2018- Thank the steaming content gods! Matt Groeing has released
his latest series on Netflix (bong bong), the story of a not so average unwilling princess, and her hilarious

-Star Wars Clone Wars is coming back but it will be on Disney’s new streaming platform in 2019

-All of our CW favorites will return as well:
Arrow (with the introduction of a new very prominent charcter), The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of
Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Riverdale!

-They Call Us the Enemy-George Takei writes a graphic novel about being a child in internment camps.

-Marvel is launching a line of original digital comics, three 40 page issues every three months featuring:
Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daughters of the Dragon, Cloak and Dagger

-X-Men Black is a 5 issue mini run, with each issue having a different creative team and telling a standalone story about a different classically X “villain”. Magneto, Emma Frost, Mojo, Mystique, and Juggernaut will be the headliners, and series runners promise each will open the eyes of readers to the protagonists they feature.

-Uncanny X-Men returns from its multi-year hiatus this fall. No creative team or character line-up announced, but Marvel promises the X-series flagship’s title will be just that, a leading book with an X-men team that has a whole new look.

-Making moves; Kelly-Sue Deconnick (Captain Marvel) will be joining the writers of Aquaman, while Gail
Simone moves (Birds of Prey, Batgirl) will move to the Catalyst Prime Universe of Lion Forge Comics,
serving as their chief architect of stories.

-IDW Publishing will be releasing a Halloween Special for Star Wars, as well as a 24 issues trilogy run; Age of Republic, Age of Rebellion, and Age of Resistance.

-Sonic the Hedgehog will hit the pages as a race car driver in Team Sonic racing launching this fall.

-Heroes in Crisis takes us deeper into a the real world of the Justice League, when they are at peace and
relaxing in Sanctuary and very real problem happens, a mass shooting interrupts the one place that they
felt self. And it’s up to the heroes left behind to figure out who perpetuated this crime.

-Dark Horse Comics is release Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog as a comic series.

Did you make it to the end? Well here’s the easter eggs.

Rugrats, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spyro The Dragon (PS4), Roswell, Ducktales, Green Lantern (Comic
Book), and Little Women

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