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Into the Spider-Verse Delivers!! An Uncanny Movie Review x2

Run Time: 117 minutes (1.95 hours)
Stinger: End of credits
Worth sitting through the ridiculous credits to watch it: If you are a fan of the Spider-verse and know the other Spidey’s, yes. If not, not really.

First Opinion:
I am prefacing this review with this note: I know nothing about the COMIC BOOK Spider-Man(s). All of my knowledge is strictly related to the previous movies…yes all of the previous movies.

That makes me a noob to some of the references in this film, but with that said, I still really enjoyed it!

We meet Miles Morales in this one. Who is (as you may have guessed) bitten by a radioactive spider, and then with the help of several other Spidey’s, stop an evil Kingpin from destroying Brooklyn.

The film has a really unique, but beautiful animation style. I loved that they made it feel like you were actually flipping through a comic book, not just with the animation but with the onomatopoeia subtly being laid out on the screen for you. The music throughout the story fits perfectly with the tone and style. There’s plenty of laughs to be had, but it never gets too ridiculous, even with Peter Porker.

I’m not sure kids under the age of 10 would understand a lot of what is going on. But the colors and the Spider-Man skills might be enough to keep them enthralled. This could be a fun family night out at the theater with older kids, or even a date night for those who really enjoy superhero movies.

by Marisa Winterbottom, Uncanny Nerd

Second Opinion:

Growing up a Spidey fan, this movie is simply incredible. It’s kinda like a dream and as a grown-ass man I was smiling from ear-to-ear pretty much the entire time.

Highly recommended for all comic fans-
For non-fans who still like actiony movies, or anime, or just fun, then I think the very unique art style will make you happy you saw it.
So ask yourself, do you like fun? Well do you?  Then go see this, it’s worth it.

by Mike Slade, Founder of Uncanny Nerd


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