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MCU Phase 5 Announced! Kristen Stewart to helm franchise as Rogue!

In a shocking surprise announcement, the first SIX movies of what Disney and Marvel Studios are officially calling “Phase 5- Enter the Mutants” has been announced, with teen heartthrob Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Series) being the center focus of the series as the mighty mutant Rogue!

The upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, Black Panther 2, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, and the Moon Knight movies will round out Phase 4 in the events after Avengers: End Game, and are admittedly meant to be “filler” movies that have no real significance or impact in the transition between Phase 3 and Phase 5.

Phase 5 will start with Stewart’s introduction as Rogue, in a film simply named ROGUE in a story about the titular character’s origin. Marvel Studios has released the below promotional image to start off the hype-train.

ROGUE, will be followed by ROGUE WON, An X-Men Story, which will then lead to the new eXpanding X-Men franchise in the MCU as X-Men: First First Class and X-Men: The FriendS of Humanity Strikes Back will release in back-to-back months in 2022.

While the prime focus of the stories will be Stewart’s Rogue, we did learn a little more about the main antagonist of the stories as well! Taking an old idea and giving it new freshness, this MCU series will see Former President Donald Trump leading the Friends of Humanity in a bid to not only force mutants to register themselves, sterilize themselves, and kill themselves, but also to have the mutants pay for the entire thing too.

Uncanny Nerd had an exclusive sit down with Wilmer Feige, Chief of Marvel Studios Outreach to Insignificant Social Media Platforms Division, who unloaded all of the details just this morning April 1, 2019.

On the decision to cast Kristen Stewart for the lead, Wilmer was quite candid, “We see method actors take their roles very seriously, and that even happens with the superheroes. The hope here is when Kristen, ‘acts’ like her character Rogue is stealing another heroes powers, she may be able, hopefully, to siphon some acting ability as well.”

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