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The Fantasy Network Launches!

Uncanny Nerd is about the tribe. Here, we can celebrate our geekdom. We celebrate our culture. We celebrate who we are. We are all Creators; from the one that pens the words, to the one that creates the magic, to the viewer and the reader that give it life.

Storytelling is one of our culture’s most powerful weapons and fantasy is one of it’s most epic genres.

But who should tell these tales?

The studios play it safe with sequels and remakes but we know that like us, you want more. You want to create, share, see and experience new stories. You want companies that will take risks on new worlds and characters.

But how do independent companies compete with big budget studios? How can our tribe help each other create new and better stories and deliver them to the world?

Welcome to The Fantasy Network!

Your stories. Your studio. Your network.

The Fantasy Network is the coming together of three companies, Arrowstorm Entertainment (The Outpost), Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (Journey Quest), The Forge Studios (The Rangers).

The Fantasy Network is more than just streaming fantasy content, it is an invitation to create with other like-minded enthusiasts.

We are ALL creative, and we ALL have a story to tell. You can join The Fantasy Network as they open worlds to create in. You could do a short in Mythic’s world or an episode of the Network’s newly created Strowler’s universe ( think Harry Potter but where magic is illegal and those that bear it are hunted down).

The Fantasy Network is all about creating opportunities for creatives. Half of their budget is going into a production fund to be set aside for those producers on the network as well as supplemented by the seed money via Kickstarter where fans will get to greenlight their favorite shows, by a “voting by backing” approach to see if a show is continued on the network or not. The power is ultimately in the fan’s hands.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Arrowstorm Entertainment and The Forge Studios have run their own campaigns on Kickstarter for years. Small campaigns looking for post production funding to full series funding raising almost half a million dollars. So don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

They are looking to add live streaming as well as obtaining some syndicated content. They currently have launched on several apps, as well as with their first Kickstarter campaign, for the series “One-Hit Die”, which you can find HERE.

“This is a crucial moment for our company. The power is now truly in our hands. We will either live or die by the vote and backing of the people,” says Ron Newcomb one of the founders and owner of The Forge Studios.

In a world dominated by the majors, it’s nice to see fans like us doing a passion so many love.
Check out the website, or swing by The Fantasy Network Facebook page– and when you do, let them know Uncanny Nerd sent you when you stop by.

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