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Top 10 Moments from E3

by Nat Vu, Nerd


E3 2018 just happened and there is a lot of news to break down! As always with E3, there are a lot of hits and a lot of misses. Let’s focus on the positive here and talk about the top 10 things I am personally looking forward to. Keep in mind that the wonderful thing about video games is that there is something for everyone, so there might be things that you’re excited for that I don’t mention. Here are the things that have me the most hyped up from E3!


Honorable Mentions:

There is so much to be happy about that I simply cannot fit everything into my top 10 list. So I’m going to speak briefly on the ones that just missed the cut.


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a game that takes place in the same universe as Life is Strange. I had no idea this was going to happen, but I am extremely excited that they are expanding this world that I love so much. It’s a very cool concept as well. Who among us didn’t pretend to be superheroes when we were kids? I am very much looking forward to dive right back into childlike wonder as Captain Spirit.


Jump Force looks amazing, especially if you’re an anime fan. Honestly, who doesn’t want to punch Frieza in the face with Naruto?


Control is a one of the never before seen games that I am most looking forward to. When we first saw it, it reminded me a lot of Quantum Break. Then it is revealed that it is a Remedy game, the developer that gave us Quantum Break! If you haven’t played it, it is a highly underrated, beautiful game and Control looks even better to me. Keep an eye on this one.


Lastly, let’s talk about Elder Scrolls VI. We didn’t see much, but we didn’t need to. Just seeing those words is enough to send shockwaves through the video game community. Very few developers make role-playing games that are on the level as the games Bethesda puts out. Hopefully, we see more soon.


#10: Dying Light 2


We’re getting Dying Light 2, y’all! In addition to that, we even got to see some gameplay and we now know a good amount of information on it. Dying Light 2 looks just as awesome as it’s predecessor with graceful looking parkour and a backdrop that is as beautiful as it is ugly. There was an emphasis on choice and how your actions have consequences, which is something I love in my video games. I love it when the things I do affect the in-game world. The scary part is we haven’t even seen what happens at night yet.


#9: Anthem


EA’s conference wasn’t the best. However, what most people were looking forward to the most from it was obviously Anthem, BioWare’s upcoming multiplayer action role-playing game, and it delivered. I love BioWare. I love Mass Effect (yes, even Andromeda) and I love Dragon Age. The idea of a new IP excites me greatly. We got more gameplay and we learned more about the specific types of suits, or javelins, that are available to play with. There also seems like there will be a good amount of customization in the game, which is always welcomed. I’m sure everyone’s already picking out which javelin will be their favorite. I know I did.


#8: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


I am an AC fanboy. Even when the series was criticized for being stale and repetitive, I stuck with them. I was optimistic for the future and I am glad I was proven right with Assassin’s Creed Origins. The franchise has moved to a new direction with a bigger focus on role playing elements and I love it. You get to choose to play as either a male or female hero in Alexios or Kassandra in Ancient Greece. I am very impressed by the introduction of dialogue choices and the beautiful setting.


#7: Death Stranding


Every time I see something new from this game, I end up with more questions than answers. It looks so wonderfully weird that I cannot help but be intrigued. The new trailer adds acclaimed actresses Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner to an already spectacular cast. It is as gorgeous as ever. I’d play this even if all we get to do is walk around because it is stunning. I have no idea what it is even about, but I am into it.


#6: Fallout 76


West Virginia! Mountain mamma, take me home! That was a damn good trailer. I am a fan of the Fallout series. I love the look and I love the general atmosphere. They give the apocalypse a certain style and aesthetic that I just love. While I would have preferred a straightforward single player campaign, I am glad they are trying something new by experimenting with a multiplayer component. The idea of being one of the first ones out into a new world that needs to be rebuilt fascinates me.


#5: Shadow of the Tomb Raider


The rebooted Tomb Raider games are phenomenal. The third installment looks like it is going to be no different. We get gameplay and it looks stellar. Lara Croft is downright surgical with these kills. September cannot come soon enough.


#4 Ghost of Tsushima


Having this at #4 speaks on the quality of my top 3. I love feudal Japan. No matter how many times it is done, I am always happy to go back. I also trusted Sucker Punch to deliver a good game like they did with the inFAMOUS series, but what we have seen from E3 2018 has sold me even further. The gameplay reminds me of the Arkham series, which is always a good thing. Visually, it looks so damn cool. So let’s see what we have. It has precise, methodical combat, a mesmerizing backdrop, and a compelling story. What more could you ask for?


#3: Cyberpunk 2077


I was sure Cyberpunk 2077 would be my #1 going into E3. It is being developed by CD Projekt Red. If you don’t know who they are, they developed my favorite video game of all time, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I’d go as far as to say that I am looking forward to this game the most. The cyberpunk theme interests me to no end and claims that this game is the most ambitious game they have ever done has me losing my mind. I want to know more about this world. I want to become immersed in it.


#2: Spider-Man


If you know me, you’d know that I am a huge Spider-Man fan. I remember how I felt playing Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 when I was 11-years-old and being in awe, thinking no Spider-Man game would ever top it. Many have tried, like Web of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions, and Edge of Time. Don’t get me wrong. These are all good, enjoyable games. However, I am confident that Insomniac’s Spider-Man will top them all. The gameplay looks so smooth. The story leaves me wanting more. We got four new iconic Spider-Man villains introduced in one trailer. Are you kidding me? I am so in. There was even a cliffhanger at the end too. I need this game right now.


#1: The Last of Us Part II


I mean, come on. What else would #1 be? Like most people, I loved The Last of Us. This is one of my most anticipated sequels ever and way they showcased this game is perfection. It did an amazing job at showing that there is love in this world, but there is also brutality. The contrast between the opening scene with Ellie and a girl doing a slow dance and the transition into gameplay is something I will be thinking about for a long time. That had to be the most impressive gameplay demo I have seen at E3, perhaps ever. It just looks so good. It’s like I wasn’t even watching gameplay, but rather a scene from a movie. If it plays anything like it looks, I don’t even know how to handle that. Well done, Sony. Well done, Naughty Dog. You sure know how to sell people on a game.

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