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eXtermination promises to “Set it Right”- but what does that mean?

by Mike Slade, Founder of Uncanny Nerd


The much hyped event X-Men: eXtermination drops this August by writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz. This 5 issue mini series finds the time displaced original five X-men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, and Angel) fighting for their very existence.

Brisson recently had an interview with, where he said the following of his upcoming storyline;

“In Extermination, we’re pushing the Original Five X-Men’s backs against the walls and forcing them to fight for the past, present and future. They’re going to have to make some incredibly difficult decisions and sacrifice on a level that they’ve never had to in the past. It’s not going to be easy.”

And really we don’t know much else about the story besides the villain Ahab is the main protagonist throughout the entire thing, and Brisson has admitted there is a surprise other player working with Ahab. Also, Brisson has admitted that not all of the team are going to make it out of this event alive.

Then Marvel a few days ago released this teaser for the upcoming story which has sent X-fans everywhere abuzz-

Set what right?  The timeline? Cyclops’ false reputation? Everything since House of X?

Although it’s very interesting that Cyclops’ crotch appears to be radiating his blasts in this picture, to me the biggest tell is that visor itself.
If you see in the image at the top of the page, YOUNG Cyclops’ visor has normally stopped as just an eye/face mask, while the one in this teaser image has the more classic ear coverings of the 90’s cyclops seen here:

The teaser doesn’t reveal that much but it leaves a lot of questions for Old Cyclops fans who are begging for the return of their hero to comic books.

So, we here at Uncanny have a few ideas in what this whole “Set it Right” thing actually means.

1st possibility: Nothing.  As Marvel does at time, they are just laying out some words that look interesting and vaguely connect to the story line, but it’s really nothing much to do with  any real game changing thing.

2nd possibility: The time displaced Original 5 X-men need to sacrifice, possibly themselves, to fix the timeline. I’m not sure why them out of time matters so much compared to all of the other time travelers currently in 616, but people keep making a stink out of it so it’s possible they need to fix..  things. The teaser could simply mean that..  they need to set it right by relocating themselves back in the past with a memory wipe, to forget everything they’ve done in the last so many years.

3rd possibility: The real Cyclops of this timeline returns, quite possibly due to the time hopping shenanigans of the Young Cyclops.
I would actually kinda dig this story.  Imagine a Young Cyclops traveling around (maybe with Cable?) through time and protecting his older self to keep him alive. Erase the events of Death of X, possibly even House of M and AvX- just set it all right since Marvel decided to take a giant dump on the X-Franchise.

For more on Marvel dumping on the X-Franchise, please see our TL;DR video explanation –>

4th possibility: Cyclops is that unseen player helping Ahab to hunt down the original 5 X-men. Once again painting old Cyclops as a villain and having me lose all faith in Marvel Comics.

Ok let’s be real.  We all know Marvel and we all know they could take this any number of ways. There’s what I really WANT to happen (return of old Cyclops to prominence as a hero) and what I think will happen (simply, young X-Men take themselves out of the present)…  but either way, I’m very curious how Brisson plans to tie up the lose ends that are hanging around the X-Men and where this will conclude.

X-Men eXtermination begins this August. Check with your local comic shops to reserve your copy!

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  1. They should just end this “time displaced Original 5 X-men” nonsense. Period. Kill them, relocate them, have Strong Guy eat them, I don’t care.

  2. I don’t see old Cyclops as a villain. I mean, I hate what they did to him in Death of X, but I enjoyed the transformation of Scott in the latest years. I don’t think he has become a villain, but a tough guy who has to do tough stuff to save the world, reckless and pityless as Wolverine or any other member of X-Force. And I love to see how much Scott has grown up and stopped being the boy scout he was in the 60s to become a badass and even daring defy the Avengers or the Inhumans.

    I agree with Kid Omega’s t-shirt: CYCLOPS WAS RIGHT. He’s not a villain, he’s a misunderstood hero.

    But yeah, I hope they fix the terrible Death of X and save Scott (and also Madrox).