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I read it, you should too! INSUFFERABLE

by Nishelle Denson, Nerd


This short lived comic was written by none other than Mark Waid, yes that Mark Waid. It was illustrated by Peter Krause of DC fame.
This comic is like no other comic book that you’ve ever come across. It’s a sarcastic, at times hostile, take on a dynamic duo. Just take a read the description from Mark Waid himself:

What happens when you’re a crime fighter and your sidekick grows up to be an arrogant, ungrateful douchebag? What on Earth could draw the two of you back together again?

The very first panel opens with the bad guy taunting our “hero” Galahad on the cover of a GQ-esque magazine, where he’s got his NCAA picks, all the while the bad guy is burying this poor girl in a pit. He’s doing all of this via a live webcam and streaming it to the world. The villain then calls out “the old guy” referencing Galahad’s former partner, saying he’s too old to rescue the girl being buried. Cue the applause, Nocturne comes in, beats the bad guy and tries to save the girl but alas a bomb goes off.

Too little, too late Galahad shows up as the pit starts to cave in, Nocturne begrudgingly passes the girl from the pit to Galahad. Ah the day is saved, Galahad runs from the collapsing building into the waiting glow of the cameras and reporters. Where he takes all of the glory for saving the little girl, smiling all the way, while Nocturne watches from the roof. This is where we learn the truth about Nocturne and Galahad’s true relationship. (You’ll have to read it to find out.)

From then on it’s a constant back and forth between Nocturne and Galahad on what a true hero is, and whether or not the glory and fame is worth destroying the relationships that they have.
This comic book makes us take a hard look at the division of labor in this crime fighting duo’s and how being called a sidekick and living in the shadow of your predecessor can affect your physique. When reading this you’ll hate Galahad for turning his back on Nocturne, but then a few pages into issue 3 you’ll learn more about what makes him desire limelight and the adoration of all of St. Barrington.

The series is only 3 volumes, the first 2 volumes have 30 issues , the last one only has 20 issues. Over the first volume the story builds to a dizzying crescendo, where it looks like Galahad’s limelight may burn out.
Volume 2 brings us to Galahad taking a much needed vacation, after all he is single handedly saving the city of St. Barrington, with no help at all from anyone ever. He takes his publicist/ assistant as any good narcissist without any sense of self would.

If you don’t continue on reading, know that this comic book has a few feels, it will make you think twice about how the group superhero thing really works. Appreciate the sidekicks in your life, they’ll always have your back.


Visit to check out all of the issues of Insufferable, and some other great works by Mark Waid.


You’ve been warned, in the final volume Galahad has lost everything, he’s completely devastated and must call on his father…NOCTURNE to rescue him

 and help him return home. We get to see the father and son team fight side by side. After having a heart to heart over the death of Galahad’s mother, Nocturne’s wife, they realized that they had both failed each other. And that maybe Nocturne brought Galahad into the fold too soon, never giving him a chance to be a kid. All Galahad wanted to do was impress his father, and Nocturne could only focus on his shortcomings.

This is by no means a tear jearker or an over the top crime fighting series. But it does show the grittier side of being a super hero and how it can affect your family even when they are fighting by your side.
You can read this online via Mark Waid’s website but what I suggest is going to your local comic book shop and ordering the anthology because the artwork is beautiful, did I mention the artwork is done by none other than Peter Krause?

Also I know your favorite comic book shop will love to see your face. Now stop reading your screen and go to the shop!

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