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Incredibles 2- Review

By Marisa Winterbottom, Nerd

Disney Pixar fans rejoice! We only had to wait 14 years, but we get our sequel to the groundbreaking The Incredibles! They teased it for years, and boy was it worth the wait.

The sequel picks up right where the first one left off, with the Underminer attacking the city, and the whole super family putting on their costumes. Here comes the superhero crime fighting! Well, kind of…they end up making a giant mess of things and then the world is all, “SEE THIS IS WHY SUPERS ARE ILLEGAL!” but then there are also some superhero sympathizers who want them to be legal again, it’s an animated political firestorm!

Two of the sympathizers happen to be a rich tycoon and his sister, who want Elastigirl to help rebuild the reputation of supers all over the world, without drawing too much attention to themselves. We really get to see Elastigirl’s abilities here (and some sweet gadgets), as well as her problem-solving skills. I mean, this woman is a really quick-thinker!

While Helen is off galivanting as a hero, Mr. Incredible is stuck at home watching the kids, and getting to finally witness the emergence of Jack-Jack’s power(s). Jack-Jack’s storyline is one of my favorites of this film. He needs his own spin-off.

Jack-Jack’s powers end up being really overwhelming for Bob, so we get to see some of our other favorite characters, like Frozone and Edna Mode. Frozone ends up having more screen time later in the movie as well, showing off his cool powers to help defeat the movie’s villain. Edna really shines in the few minutes we get to see her on screen. She’ll be in that spin-off with Jack-Jack, I’m sure.

Some people may think this is just another superhero movie; we have plenty of them; this one is just animated. But they are so wrong! The Incredibles are an actual (animated) family, related by blood, and born with powers. This is the reason this franchise is so different from the other hero movies of our day. We get to see this family, grow as a family does. You have the angsty teenager, the hyper younger brother, a baby and two parents trying to juggle parenthood and their own desires. There is just this added ingredient that most of us will never experience – super powers!

I really loved this sequel. If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, or a significant other, or by yourself (hey no judgement), go see Incredibles 2.

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