Tuesday , April 23 2019
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noARTskill.com: Great Stories Seeking Terrible Artists

Are you an incredible artist? Do you sculpt like a Greek God? Can you paint with the style and sophistication of Bob Ross? GET THE F#*K OUT!

noARTskill.com is designed as a medium for people with great stories (but no art skill) to express themselves on the web! Get it?! Good.


Hi, I’m Rob. I make comics. I suck at drawing. This was my inspiration behind noARTskill.com. Don’t get me wrong, I love art! Comic books need great art to survive. noARTskill.com is more of a social experiment, exploring what writers can come up with, without having an artist back them up. This will hopefully spark some funny/emotional/crazy/interesting/story-driven comics.

Are you interested yet?!

Submit your information at noARTskill.com!

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