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X-Men get married- but not those!! New series confirmed!

by Mike Slade, Founder of Uncanny Nerd

    Marvel comics has just let the cat out of the bag with the hotly anticipated X-Men Gold #30 which is dropping tomorrow.
While Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin (Colossus) were the two scheduled to wed…  something happens and Kitty apparently gets cold feet at the last moment.

    Well there’s no reason to miss the opportunity for a wedding, so Rogue and Gambit GET MARRIED!!!
I’m..  I don’t think I’m ready for this…  Rogue is..  she’s…    I mean..  I need more prep time to deal with Rogue being off the market, she’s been a SERIOUS crush of mine for like thirty freaking years.

More than just getting married though, Rogue and Gambit will now have their own ongoing series (as in, not a mini-series) which drops THIS SUMMER.  The up until now secret project will be titled Mr. & Mrs. X and be written by Kelly Thompson with page art from Oscar Bazaldua.

Ok hold up- so Rogue isn’t single?  …    Really?  Wow…
   Honestly, (begrudgingly), I really like this play by Marvel.  People like Pete and Kitty, but they LOVE Rogue and Remy and they have the potential here to do something that Marvel sorely needs but has been lacking- to make a fresh move on strong established characters.

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  1. Kelly Thompson is great! A-Force was cool, and she absolutely nails it in Hawkeye. Looking forward to it.